On June 2, U.S. Pain Foundation will host its Third Annual Real Hope, Real Heroes Gala at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villa in Scottsdale, AZ. This fundraiser will honor INvisible Project participants from the past year while bringing together the entire pain community and those that support them. All proceeds from the event, which includes a silent auction, benefit U.S. Pain.

“The Real Hope, Real Heroes Gala gives us the opportunity to recognize the bravery, strength, and individuality of each INvisible Project participant,” says Nicole Hemmenway, U.S. Pain vice president and director of the INvisible Project. “The average person might not realize how challenging it is to live with pain, but we get it. We want to celebrate the triumphs of people who get up and try their best each day, despite their physical limitations.” .”

Previous galas were held in California and New Jersey.

“I think the gala was one of the best things I’ve ever experienced,” says Melanie Dickens, a pediatric INvisible Project participant who attended the last two galas.

“The first year I went, I was so excited and felt so important. I had met a few people with invisible illnesses before, but it was amazing to actually meet so many people like me in person!”

“The gala experience brought her to a special place to connect with people who understand her life with chronic pain,” add Dickens’s mother and father, Laurie and Shawn. “There were no explanations needed and no judgments in those ballrooms, and it was so much fun! We’re happy Melanie was able to make amazing friends and find mentors for her journey with the help of these special events.”

Tickets to the gala can be purchased here.