Arntsen discusses her treatment needs.

To help educate the public, Patients for Biologics Safety and Access (PBSA), a coalition that U.S. Pain Foundation belongs to, has created four videos sharing the stories of patients who are managing their chronic conditions through biologics and biosimilars. The stories featured are:

  • Jan Wyatt, a patient advocate from Virginia living with rheumatoid arthritis. who believes only patients and doctors should be making choices about their treatment plans.
  • Kathleen Arntsen, president and CEO of Lupus and Allied Diseases Association, is a powerful national patient advocate from New York living with multiple autoimmune diseases, including lupus. She works with other patient advocates to make their voices heard in critical patient safety policy discussions.
  • “Seeing is believing,” says Joy Ross, a mother off two daughters from Washington state. Joy is a patient advocate who has been living with rheumatoid arthritis since childhood and wants to help patients share their stories.
  • Larry LaMotte, vice president of public policy for the Immune Deficiency Foundation, discusses the difference between biologics and biosimilars and how this emerging class of treatments could affect patient safety.

“As these videos show, biosimilars must be approved in a way that minimizes patient risk and creates patient and provider trust in these important new treatments,” says Shaina Smith, U.S. Pain director of state advocacy and alliance development. “PBSA and U.S. Pain Foundation’s goal in sharing these videos is to be sure the patient voice is heard and the need for better patient protections is met. We encourage you to share them with your networks via social media.”

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