A part of the nonprofit Global Healthy Living Foundation (GHLF), CreakyJoints recently invited U.S. Pain Foundation to co-host a Twitter chat about patient advocacy.

The chat was part of a monthly series known as #CreakyChats. The questions were posed to Director of State Advocacy and Alliance Development Shaina Smith, who discussed ways to advocate for oneself and shared some personal obstacles she has had to face in the wake of her chronic conditions.

“I was humbled to share a glimpse of my personal story and tips for how people can advocate for their health,” Smith says.

During the CreakyChats discussion, attendees talked about their definition of advocacy, weighed in on whether or not healthcare is a human right, and offered up supportive comments towards others engaged in the discussion.

You can read a collection of the Tweets among GHLF, U.S. Pain, and attendees here.