Patients with back pain in Delaware will have access to interdisciplinary pain care, following Gov. John Carney’s signing of Senate Bill 225.

The act develops a pilot program within the state employee health care plan that allows the use of massage therapy, acupuncture, and yoga to treat back pain. It also prohibits health plans from placing annual or lifetime limits on chiropractic and physical therapy visits.

“This is a great win for Delaware patients living with back pain,” says U.S. Pain Foundation’s Director of State Advocacy and Alliance Development Shaina Smith. “We have been actively engaging on this legislation behind-the-scenes and submitted a letter to the Governor back in July, urging he sign this bill into law. This will allow patients the chance to access nonpharmacologic treatments for pain.”

Smith notes that, while she promoted to the Governor that the organization prefer the state includes all residents living with conditions that causes chronic pain, she is pleased overall that Delaware has taken this first proactive step towards accessing alternative forms of treatment for pain. Furthermore, Smith applauds Delaware for providing necessary reimbursement for services rendered by physical therapists and chiropractors.

U.S. Pain has created an online engagement for patients to extend their gratitude to the Governor by submitting a thank you letter.