The U.S. must do more to help the 50 million Americans living with pain. Multidisciplinary care is the best way to manage pain, and yet access to this needed care is sadly in short supply. Today, we must demand better #PainCareNOW.

For U.S. Pain Foundation’s Virtual Advocacy Day 2021 and in the following weeks, we’re asking that you reach out to your representatives and request that the Pain Management Task Force (PMTF) Report, which strongly advocates the importance of individualized multidisciplinary care, be disseminated to our nation’s front line practitioners across the country who lack an understanding of best practice pain care.

Now more than ever—especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic—people with pain are isolated and have in many cases been unable to access the care they desperately need. Whether due to pandemic precautions and delays or financial hardship exacerbated by the pandemic, care has become even. more fragmented—It’s time that true multidisciplinary care becomes the standard for pain warriors across the country. 

To make your voice heard, click the button below and demand #PainCareNOW through our easy email system. In a few sentences, share why this is important to you. Then, find your representatives through this tool and contact them on social media. Some sample posts you can tailor include:

  • People with pain do not receive the kind of care they need @(your representative’s Twitter or Facebook handle)! Please urge HHS to distribute the CARA-mandated  Pain Management Best Practices Report to doctors around the country because we need better #PainCareNOW
  • Doctors haven’t always believed me when I explain my symptoms @(your representative’s Twitter or Facebook handle). You can take steps to change that—please help people with #chronicpain receive access to the multidisciplinary care they deserve. #PainCareNOW
  • We need better #PainCareNOW @(your representative’s Twitter or Facebook handle). Tell HHS to disseminate the Pain Management Best Practices Report to providers across the country and help the 50 million Americans living with #chronicpain

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Thank you for your support!