megaphone2U.S. Pain Foundation spoke out on two important federal issues this month with articles in the National Pain Report. The first article, published Jan. 11,  discussed the potential Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal, while a second article highlighted new biosimilar and biologic naming guidelines and was published Jan. 24.

In the ACA story, U.S. Pain joined many other patient advocacy organizations in expressing concern over the potential repeal without details for a replacement. Written by Shaina Smith, director of advocacy and alliance development, on behalf of U.S. Pain, the article emphasized the importance of access to quality, affordable insurance for chronic pain patients.

The biosimilars and biologics story, also written by Smith, delved into guidelines recently released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about appropriately and safely naming these complicated medications. The primary suggestion from the guidelines was using a distinguishable, randomized, four-letter suffix. U.S. Pain President and Founder Paul Gileno says it remains to be seen whether the new approach will lead to improved outcome and less confusion.