U.S. Pain is pleased to announce it will be sponsoring an exciting new film project, “Becoming Incurable.” The film explores the stories of three patients living with incurable diseases: dystonia, ankylosing spondylitis, and lyme disease.

Victoria Suan, the film director, says the first iteration of the film, “Inside Incurable Lives,” was, in part, inspired by U.S. Pain.

“When I found out U.S. Pain Foundation wanted to sponsor my film, I couldn’t have been more thrilled,” says Suan. “Not only did this mean the film would be exposed to the chronic illness community at large, but that I could also hire an editor to begin post-production.”

“This was a natural partnership for us,” says Paul Gileno, U.S. Pain founder and president. “Our flagship program, the INvisible Project, has the same purpose as Victoria’s film: we want the public to better understand what it’s like to live with chronic conditions. And more than that, the stories of these individuals are truly beautiful and deserve to be heard. Their struggles and triumphs will move and inspire you.”

To watch the trailer, visit the “Becoming Incurable” website.