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Because Because of the delay in making a diagnosis, there is also a waiting period in between treatment and detection. Antibiotics often do not cause any adverse effects on humans.
Medications such as antibiotics also may cause some illnesses, such as depression, fatigue, pain, sinus infections and urinary tract infections. Some common side effects include flu-like illness, such as fever and upper respiratory tract infection. Most commonly, these include: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, urinary tract infection, severe headache, stomach pain, pain in the hands and ankles, and severe fatigue. Other common side effects include: skin rash or rash on hands, feet or scalp, rash on skin and mouth, flu-like illness in women.
There are no guidelines for diagnosing depression or fatigue, although there do exist lists of symptoms. Most clinicians do not feel comfortable prescribing such medications for people with depressive symptoms or any symptoms of anxiety. People diagnosed with depression will often complain of feelings of depression, irritability and irritability, This is known as “anhedonia.” Anhedonia is associated with poor mood and a lack of interest in routine activities of daily living. This can result in problems in functioning in the workplace and in relationship with friends and family. This condition can be treated through therapy or medication.
Diagnosing depression generally refers to an assessment of certain symptoms of poor mood that indicate there may be a link between a person’s symptoms of depression and what has happened to them in the past. This is known as “psychodynamic diagnosis.” For example, people may think of a family member with a mood disorder, for example, having suicidal thoughts, and it is important to be aware of the impact this might have on your family.