U.S. Pain Foundation offers its free programs and services thanks to donations and grants. That’s why the organization is especially grateful when volunteers step up to raise funding!

The last few months have been particularly busy with a range of fundraisers–including a trivia night, headshot booth, wrap and pizza sale, haunted driveway, and golf outing. Each event demonstrates how unique and creative fundraisers can be.

  • Earlier this year, in April, the Young family held a trivia night in Wisconsin to raise funding for the Pediatric Pain Warrior program. Two of their three children–Mary and Cameron Young–have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and deal with chronic pain, so giving back to pain charities is important to them. Approximately 100 people participated, and they raised $500 to help support kids and families attending the next pediatric retreat.
  • On Sept. 26, as part of Pain Awareness Month, Nadine Malone–a professional photographer–hosted a headshot booth at a local restaurant in Texas, calling it “Pics4Pain.” She charged $15 per headshot, with $5 going toward the organization.
  • On Sept. 27, Jose Nunez and the Wells Fargo Mortgage Subpoena team in Texas held a sausage wrap and pizza sale to raise funding for the Pediatric Pain Warrior program. During the sale event, awareness information was offered to team members to learn more about the impact of chronic pain. They raised $1,145 total! Wells Fargo runs a Community Support Campaign each September, where team members make their donation pledges for the following year, volunteer, raise awareness for nonprofit organizations, and organize fundraising activities to support the charities of their choice.
  • On Oct. 26 in Connecticut, the Pelletier family hosted a haunted driveway, decorated for Halloween, to raise funding for the Pediatric Pain Warrior program. Donations totaled nearly $800!
  • Also on Oct. 26, Director of Fundraising Casey Cashman, and her son Tyler (who serves as Director of Pediatric Fundraising) hosted a golf outing to raise money for the upcoming Pediatric Pain Warrior retreat. The outing, held at High Bridge Hills Golf Club in High Bridge, NJ, raised nearly $9,000. Check out a video of Tyler speaking at the event here.

Finally, U.S. Pain would like to thank those individuals who have hosted fundraisers via Facebook recently as well.

Interested in hosting a fundraiser in your hometown? Email casey@uspainfoundation.org for ideas and assistance.