MIDDLETOWN, CT, May 31, 2018 – On Tuesday, May 29, Paul Gileno resigned his position as CEO of U.S. Pain Foundation at the request of the Board of Directors. Nicole Hemmenway, the organization’s current Chair of the Board, has been appointed interim CEO. A search for Gileno’s replacement is being planned.

“The organization is stable and excited to be moving forward on its mission – to empower, educate, connect and advocate for people living with chronic conditions that cause pain,” says Board Member and Secretary Ellen Lenox Smith. ”The Board has complete faith in Nicole and the wonderful staff that makes up our organization. They will continue working hard to improve the lives of people with pain through our programs and services.”

Hemmenway has been a key member of the U.S. Pain Foundation since 2010. Over the years, she has managed many of the organization’s events, cultivated the development of numerous programs and services, and overseen the majority of its communications and education initiatives. She also directs the INvisible Project, an online and print magazine that highlights the courageous stories of people living with pain. In addition, Hemmenway founded Heroes of Healing, an online support group.

Beyond her work with U.S. Pain, Hemmenway has been a leading voice in chronic pain awareness and an advocate for patient rights for many years. Having lived most of her life with complex regional pain syndrome, she overcame what doctors told her was a hopeless situation and was able to thrive. She is a motivational speaker and the author of a memoir, No, It Is NOT In My Head: The Journey of a Chronic Pain Survivor from Wheelchair to Marathon, in which she shares her experiences navigating the medical system.

Hemmenway says she looks forward to guiding the organization as it moves ahead: “We’re very focused on the future. We have a lot of wonderful programs and events coming up–a training program for chronic pain support group leaders in June; our Pain Awareness Month campaign and related activities this September; and our first retreat for pediatric patients this November, to name a few.”

To learn more about U.S. Pain, visit www.uspainfoundation.org.

About U.S. Pain Foundation

The mission of U.S. Pain Foundation is to empower, educate, connect, and advocate for people living with chronic conditions that cause pain. As a 501(3)(c) organization dedicated to serving those who live with pain conditions and their care providers, U.S. Pain Foundation helps individuals find resources and inspiration. The organization exists to offer hope and inspiration; share information and resources; advocate for improve care and honor those whose lives have been affected by pain.

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