MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (Oct. 6, 2017)—Throughout the month of October, U.S. Pain Foundation is teaming up with Healthline on a campaign to bring awareness to invisible illness and raise money for a good cause. The request: share a photo or video that makes your chronic condition visible on social media with the #MakeItVisible hashtag. Make sure the post is public, not on private or friends-only settings.

For every photo submission, Heathline will donate $5 to support the mission of U.S. Pain Foundation., a 501(3)(c) organization that offers dozens of awareness, support, education and advocacy programs for the 100 million Americans living with pain.

“As more and more public figures are candidly discussing their invisible illnesses, now is the perfect time for the pain community to shine our light on conditions that seem hidden to outside world,” says U.S. Pain Foundation Vice President, Nicole Hemmenway. “Anytime we can make the invisible visible, we are not only improving patient care and creating awareness, but also providing hope and support to pain warriors. We’re very grateful to Healthline for partnering with us on this project.”

“At Healthline, we have a number of social communities to support people living with chronic health conditions,” says its Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Stickler. “Through listening and engaging with these communities we have discovered that there is an awareness gap when it comes to invisible illnesses and the impact these conditions have on people’s lives. We need to talk about this more and we’re committed to inspiring meaningful and empathetic conversations about the human condition.”

To participate, simply post a photo on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with #MakeItVisible, ensuring that the post is set to be public. To learn more about #MakeItVisible and see the latest images, visit makeitvisiblecampaign.com

About U.S. Pain Foundation
U.S. Pain Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the lives of people living with chronic conditions that cause pain. With a mission to empower, support, inform, and advocate at the state and federal level, U.S. Pain focuses on protecting patient rights, enhancing access to effective care, advancing research, reducing stigma, and promoting emotional and physical wellness. For more information, visit www.uspainfoundation.org.

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Nicole Hemmenway (Vice president)
Cell phone: 361-695-5382
Email: [email protected]