U.S. Pain is proud to announce Linda Shaw as the 2020 recipient of the Joselynn Badman Ambassador of the Year. This prestigious annual award is given to a U.S. Pain volunteer who has gone above and beyond to make a positive impact on the chronic pain community.

“It is my absolute honor to recognize Linda for her efforts,” says Nicole Hemmenway, CEO of U.S. Pain Foundation. “She was a clear choice as Ambassador of the Year. At every opportunity, she is ready and willing to use her voice to advocate for herself and others with pain.”

Since starting her journey with osteoarthritis, Shaw has completely reimagined her life and focused on creativity as an outlet for her pain. She has written a book about her experiences living with chronic pain, written and performed Christian-based poetry, and has become a voiceover actor.

In 2019, she was featured in U.S. Pain’s INvisible Project magazine and took part in the 2019 Pain Awareness Month video storyathon. In 2020, Shaw participated in U.S. Pain’s virtual advocacy training series, was a panelist for a Pain Awareness Month webinar, and joined the Disparities Solutions Advisory Council. Aside from her direct involvement with multiple projects, Shaw is also a constant source of positivity and encouragement; she frequently distributes U.S. Pain materials and shares with others the impact the organization has had on her life.

Just this month, Shaw was featured in a special MediaPlanet article about osteoarthritis.

“I am honored to get this recognition—ecstatic actually!” says Shaw. “I know there are many volunteers out there advocating for the same outcomes within the U.S. Pain Foundation. It pleases me to know the work I’ve done has been beneficial to chronic pain patients! We care about the public we serve, and I know that because the U.S. Pain Foundation is an organization created by people with pain to help other people with pain. The mission is an extension of our greater selves, fighting for each other through advocacy, education, and support!”

The Ambassador of the Year award is named after the late Joselynn Badmann, an inspiring U.S. Pain volunteer who lost her battle with pain in 2015.