Full name: Kathryn Elizabeth Benson

City & State: Fredericksburg, VA

Age: 41

Pain warrior role: U.S. Pain advocate in 2017 and veteran’s support group leader since 2020

What type of health conditions you live with: Trigeminal neuralgia, chronic migraine, and hypothyroidism (due to thyroid cancer).

What is your favorite tip for others with chronic pain: “Take the time to get to know your new ‘chronic pain self.’” Go easy on yourself. Self-care is key! Make sure you have a support system and take it one day at a time.”

What’s a fun fact about you: “I love to do art projects in my pain-free time. My favorite chore is laundry! My favorite color is red. I was adopted in Atlanta, GA.”

Kate Benson is a proud veteran of the Coast Guard. She first shared her story in U.S. Pain’s INvisible Project Veteran’s Edition in 2016 and was honored at the Real Hope, Real Heroes Gala. Since then, she has become an active advocate, sharing her story to help other veterans, including helping advance legislation for all pain patients. Kate’s desire to give back to other veterans with pain led her to Pain Connection’s support group training; this month, she held the first meeting of a new veterans’ support group.