Lemiska meeting with a sponsor of the Reliable Coverage Act in Tennessee.

Non-medical switching, or when insurers force patients off medications for financial reasons, continues to be a hot button topic in numerous states. U.S. Pain is leading coalitions in three states that introduced bills to prohibit non-medical switching last month: Tennessee, Illinois, and Connecticut. U.S. Pain is a member of coalitions in multiple other states, including New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Washington.

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Contact: Shaina Smith

MIDDLETOWN, CONN. – Feb. 17, 2017 –The Illinois Fair Care Coalition, made up of 14 concerned patient and provider groups, praised new legislation designed to provide safeguards for consumers enrolled in prescription coverage plans. The grassroots partnership joined with state representatives and bill sponsors Greg Harris (D-Chicago) and Patti Bellock (R-Hinsdale) to announce House Bill 2694, which would prevent Illinoisans from having their prescription coverage interrupted during the health plan year through a practice known as non-medical switching.

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House Bill 6622 Would Keep Insurers from Increasing Out-of-Pocket Costs, Removing Coverage or Restricting Access to Medicines During the Health Plan Year

MIDDLETOWN, CONN. – Feb. 8, 2017 –  U.S. Pain Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving those who live with painful conditions, today applauded Rep. Michelle L. Cook (D- Torrington) and Rep. Linda A. Orange (D-Colchester) for introducing legislation to ensure stable prescription drug benefits for patients across Connecticut. H.B. 6622 would guarantee that individuals receive the prescription drug coverage that they have signed up for by limiting when insurer policies can change prescription drug formularies during the plan year.

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The Reliable Coverage Act Helps Ensure Tennesseans Receive the Pharmacy Benefits They Are Sold During Open Enrollment

NASHVILLE, TENN. – Feb. 9, 2017 – An unexpected denial letter in the mail, a surprise bill at the pharmacy counter: many Tennessee consumers are discovering the prescription coverage benefits they signed up for are not the benefits they actually receive. It’s a problem new legislation aims to fix, according to the Tennessee Patient Stability Coalition, a coalition of 17 leading patient and provider groups. The coalition today applauded a bill that would require commercial health plans honor the terms of their prescription coverage plans for the duration of the contract year. The legislation, known as the “Reliable Coverage Act” (HB 960/SB 991), would protect consumers by preventing prescription coverage reductions outside of the open enrollment period.

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Did you know that, in most states, your insurer can change the original terms of your prescription coverage at any time and force you off of a medication, even one you may have been taking for years? Fortunately, five states —Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Washington — have introduced bills this session to prohibit this controversial insurance practice, commonly known as non-medical switching. More states are expected to do the same, and the U.S. Pain Foundation is actively participating in or leading efforts to support each of these bills.

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