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An educated patient is a powerful one.

The U.S. Pain Foundation is dedicated to bringing the pain community credible information from expert speakers. Past topics have ranged from acupuncture to pharmacogenetics.

To reach the widest audience possible and ensure accessibility, we offer much of our educational content in the form of online webinars. These webinars are typically offered live, and then recorded and posted below, so that patients can view them whenever is convenient for them, and reference them when needed.

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Pain Education Portal (PEP) Talks

Please note:  for some webinar recordings, you must register to watch, even if you already registered previously. Some events listed are Facebook Live events, in which case no registration is required.

Pain management

Migraine 101: Your headaches might actually be a migraine – and how to treat them with Merle Diamond, MD
Addressing health care disparities in migraine & headache care: A panel discussion with Jaime Sanders, Nim Lalvani, Isiah and Sheila Lineberry, and LaQuinda McCoy.
Ergonomic at home: Positioning yourself for less pain with Linda Kuserk, PT, DPT
Getting the most out of PT: Secrets from a physical therapist with Gina Gapstur, PT
Yoga for chronic pain: A Q&A and live demo with Ryan Drozd, RYT, LMT
Expression and movement: A dance class for chronic pain with Lucrecia Martinez
Tiny needles, big relief: Acupuncture for chronic pain with Carrie Sawtell, LAc
Overcoming a brain in pain: Advice from migraine strategist Lindsay Weitzel, PhD
What migraine doctors and patients can learn from one another: A conversation with Abby Chua, DO, and Katie Golden
The role of genetics, polypharmacy, herbals, and supplements in pain medication efficacy with Dan Doherty
Conquering the Brain in Pain: How pain affects your brain, and what to do about it with Peter Abaci, MD
Getting the most out of massage for chronic pain with Rachel Horcher, LMT
Patient empowerment in clinical trials: Moving from subject to stakeholder with Lindsey Wahlstrom-Edwards
How to talk about pain so your doctor will listen with Diane Cleverley, PhD
Why I turned to medical cannabis: An overview of cannabis use and activism with Ellen Lenox Smith
Intersectional medicine: Cannabis as a complementary option with Brandie Cross, PhD
Acupressure for stress relief: The Seva Stress Release Program with Regina Rosenthal, PT

Financial and employment issues

Navigating employment challenges and when to apply for Social Security Disability with Rebecca Ray of Allsup. (Due to a technical error, the presentation did not display fully. To download the full slides, click here.)


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