Webinars and online events

U.S. Pain believes that educating patients is integral to better health outcomes. We offer regular webinars and online events to help empower and inform our community.

All of these events occur live, but can be watched at any time through this page.

We offer four types of online events:

  • Pain Education Portal (PEP) Talk webinar series. These events are typically held every other month on the third Tuesday. Each event features a keynote speaker followed by quick updates from U.S. Pain department staff.
  • Advocacy Program webinar series. Held on an as-needed basis, these webinars seek to empower volunteers to advocate at the state and federal level.
  • Pediatric Pain Warrior events. These events, typically held as Facebook Live events, are offered on a monthly basis and are designed for kids with pain and their families. To see upcoming events, visit their Facebook page.
  • Awareness campaign-related events. In honor of special campaigns like Pain Awareness Month (September), KNOWvember (November), and Migraine and Headache Awareness Month (June), U.S. Pain often hosts one-time online educational events.

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Upcoming events

April 25 at 12 pm EST
Advocacy webinar series: Your story matters
with Shaina Smith of U.S. Pain Foundation

May 21 at 1 pm EST
PEP Talk: The role of genetics, polypharmacy, herbals, and supplements in pain medication efficacy
with Dan Doherty, Senior Precision Prescribing Consultant & Clinical Trial Manager for Genelex

Past events

Please note: to view webinar recordings, you must register to watch, even if you already registered previously.

Pain management

Conquering the Brain in Pain: How pain affects your brain, and what to do about it” with Peter Abaci, MD
Getting the most out of massage for chronic pain” with Rachel Horcher, LMT
Patient empowerment in clinical trials: Moving from subject to stakeholder” with Lindsey Wahlstrom-Edwards
How to talk about pain so your doctor will listen” with Diane Cleverley, PhD
Why I turned to medical cannabis: An overview of cannabis use and activism” with Ellen Lenox Smith
“Intersectional medicine: Cannabis as a complementary option,” with Brandie Cross, PhD
“Acupressure for stress relief: The Seva Stress Release Program” with Regina Rosenthal, PT

Mental health and social support

Chronic pain and the risk of suicide: A staggering crisis and what to do about it” with Robert Rosenbaum, PhD, Daniel Lev, PhD, and Gwenn Herman, LCSW, DCSW
From ow to om: Using mindfulness to reduce pain and stress” with Gwenn Herman, LCSW, DCSW
ChronicBabe 101: A Q&A with Jenni Grover about thriving with chronic pain” with Jenni Grover
“Pain reduction through grounding: An exclusive movie showing”  with Laura Koniver, MD
“Don’t let pain limit you: Tracking, empowerment, and Ouchie” with Rachel Trobman

Financial and employment issues

“Navigating employment challenges and when to apply for Social Security Disability” with Rebecca Ray of Allsup. (Due to a technical error, the presentation did not display fully. To download the full slides, click here.)

Pediatric pain

“Mindfulness, meditation and craniosacral techniques for kids, teens and adults” with Dana Massat
School accommodations: A parent’s guide” with Mari Franklin, JD
“Mindfulness tools for kids” with Erik Sladcik
“Preventing caregiver burnout” with Marianne St. Clair
“NEADS presents: Service dogs for tweens and teens” with Katy Harrison Ostroff, LICSW
“A grandparent’s voice: Advocacy and support for chronic pain families” with Nancy Rene
“Cannabis and children: Navigating parents through the stigma” with Ellen Lenox Smith

Insurance and access issues

“Surprise out of network bills” with Shaina Smith
How to prevent and resolve insurance issues” with Demian Fontanella, JD
“Non-medical switching: How to advocate for stronger patient protections” with Shaina Smith


“The power of social media: Amplify key messages and reach legislators online” with Shaina Smith
Advocacy 101: The fundamentals of working together to achieve change” with Shaina Smith
Your voice matters: An insider’s perspective on the new federal guidelines on pain, why they matter, and how to weigh in” with Cindy Steinberg
Get published during PAM: How to write and submit op-eds” with Jen Daly

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