U.S. Pain Foundation is pleased to announce the newest member of its Board of Directors: Marv Turner.

Turner is the owner of Yellow Dog Productions, a video production company. He has collaborated with U.S. Pain on several projects over the years, particularly through the Pediatric Pain Warrior Program, and was so impressed with the organization’s efforts that he decided he wanted to take a more active role.

Turner’s award-winning career in videography includes two Emmy Awards and seven Telly Awards. Along with the four years he spent filming for the New York Mets, he has spent 21 years shooting video around the world with stops in Uganda, Honduras, Israel, Rwanda, the Congo, Haiti, El Salvadore and Mexico, to name a few. Turner also was the Director of Photography on the documentary, “HIV Goddess” and co-director and co-videographer on “The Serious Road Trip,” about a boy and his search for chocolate during the Bosnian civil war.

A father of three sons, Marv and his wife, Beth, reside in Madison, WI. Beth, a writer and producer, has also become an advocate for the chronic pain community, hosting personal storytelling workshops during the 2019 RetreatMigraine and at the first Pediatric Pain Warrior retreat in 2018.

“We are incredibly honored to have Marv join our Board of Directors,” says Nicole Hemmenway, interim CEO. “He brings such a unique perspective and passion to the table and is a great addition to our team. We hope to expand and strengthen the Board even more, with a diverse range of perspectives represented, in the year ahead.”

Do you have a personal connection to chronic pain?

I have no personal connection to the chronic pain field other than through the extraordinary individuals I have met these past four years through the U.S. Pain Foundation. I had met Nicole through a winding road of circumstances while producing a documentary on chronic pain. Through time and conversations, I shot a video for the organization and came to embrace all that they stood for, the people involved and how hands-on they all are, and I took on more video work, at cost and at times, for no cost, as I so believe in their mission.

What skills and insights do you hope to bring to the Board of Directors?

I think as someone who doesn’t come from the chronic pain world, I bring an outside perspective. What do those of us who have no inside knowledge about life and chronic pain, think… and the hurdles U.S. Pain must overcome to answer some of the objections and prejudices that are there. Secondly, with my media background, I believe I can craft messages that can be relatable and resonate with the public.

What U.S. Pain Foundation program is closest to your heart?

The kids. As a father of three healthy sons, it breaks my heart, not only to see the kids and what they have to go through mentally and physically–but the hurt that lives in the hearts of the parents. When these kids get together through weekend getaways and other activities, the ability for them “to be kids” is so refreshing. The true value of love is what we do to change and make better the next generation.

What opportunities do you see for U.S. Pain Foundation to continue to grow?

A more expanded donor base, through media, and marketing. We have to get outside the normal channels of where we go to raise awareness. (I have a few ideas.) Nicole has a wonderful story and we should use her more; I am also sure others on the team have powerful stories to share that could amplify the organization’s mission and message. We also need to tie chronic pain with the stories that are making news…opiates, legislation, etc.