U.S. Pain Foundation is pleased to announce its 2018 Joselynn Badman Ambassador of the Year is Dawn Stancliff. Stancliff has been an ambassador and advocate for the U.S. Pain Foundation since 2014 and has lived with chronic pain her entire adult life. In 2018 alone, Stancliff connected with thousands of patients through events she hosted and attended as a U.S. Pain ambassador and advocate.

“This year has been the most rewarding year yet for me with the US Pain Foundation,” says Stancliff. “I feel that everything I speak about to pain patients align with U.S. Pain, as my core values align with those of U.S. Pain. The mission of the U.S. Pain Foundation is truly my life’s mission.”

Stancliff holds multiple awareness events each year, including events at the National Institutes of Health to celebrate Rare Disease Day and during Pain Awareness Month. Stancliff is an active advocate for medical cannabis and, when able to, volunteers at The Holistic Wellness of Towson.

Stancliff has met with legislators on issues impacting the chronic pain community, circulated U.S. Pain materials within the community, and authored an op-ed published in the local paper. She leads a chronic pain support group and promotes community enhancement for the betterment of people living with pain.

“The extensive and various areas of work Dawn has participated in over the past four years has not only been impressive, but extremely admirable. Dawn truly believes in helping chronic pain patients, including herself, through education, connection, and access to all types of medication,” says Lori Monarca, Director of the Pain Ambassador Network.

[Stancliff says that winning the Joselynn Badman Ambassador of the Year Award will inspire her to advocate even harder for Maryland residents with pain. “As someone that has a ‘disability,’ I have made that my ability to make a change…I could never have done that without the U.S. Pain Foundation.”

“While Dawn has shown gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of U.S. Pain, we are the ones who are grateful for her passionate work as a volunteer with U.S. Pain,” says Nicole Hemmenway, interim CEO of U.S. Pain. “We are so thankful for her enthusiasm and dedication to pain patients! We look forward to continuing to watch all of our ambassadors, including Dawn, continue to offer hope and help for people with pain.”

The Ambassador of the Year Award is named after the late Joselynn Badman, an inspirational U.S. Pain volunteer who lost her battle with pain in 2015. To learn more about the award or sign up to become an ambassador, click here.