As the pandemic continues, telehealth appointments have become essential to health care, including pain management. But there is still a lot of uncertainty about how to use telehealth, what services can be provided virtually, what telehealth costs, and more.

Despite the uncertainty, patients want and need access to telehealth. According to our August survey of 1,581 people with pain, about 90% would like telehealth to continue beyond COVID-19.

Below, we highlight a special telehealth event on Nov. 10 as well as a collection of telehealth-related resources and links.

Upcoming event

On Nov. 10 at noon ET, the Protecting Access to Pain Relief (PAPR) Coalition will host a webinar, New Future of Pain Management Through Telehealth.”

Cindy Steinberg, U.S. Pain’s National Director of Policy and Advocacy, will speak alongside Mei Kwong, JD, Executive Director, Center for Connected Health Policy, National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers; Robert Blaser, Director of Public Policy, Renal Physicians Association; and Crozer Connor, Senior Legislative Assistant/Health Policy Lead, Office of Representative Mike Thompson (D-CA), Co-Chair, Congressional Telehealth Caucus.

The webinar will discuss  the use of telehealth by providers to help patients with their pain; combating barriers to use of telehealth, especially for older Americans and vulnerable populations; the Department of Health and Human Services’ expansion of authorities related to telehealth in the COVID crisis; the future of telehealth during and after COVID; and more.

U.S. Pain telehealth resources

Additional telehealth resources