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2022 annual report is now available

Chronic pain is vastly under-recognized, underfunded, and under-treated when considering its significant impact on American lives. Research, treatment options, and support for those affected individuals still lag behind other major diseases.  This is why we, as an...

Accepting and Adapting to a Chronic Medical Condition

I’m a 75-year-old senior citizen. I’ve experienced a life filled with the joys and sorrows typical of those of us facing life’s unpredictable challenges, sometimes bringing joy and often tragedy. Fortunately, my life’s journey has been one in which the joys have far...

Regaining Confidence After a Cardiac Event

Life has a wonderful way of rapidly changing from appearing to be running smoothly to suddenly feeling out of control. This drastic change in the flow of my life recently happened, causing me to have to wonder how I could live without fear again.  One Saturday, I was...

What Happens if My Caregiver Passes Before Me?

There are moments in my daily life when I get a feeling of anxiety and potential loss, wondering how I could possibly get by without my husband, who is also my caregiver. We are both now in our 70s, living with incurable conditions. Like all dealing with the aging...





Acute Pain: Managing pain immediately

Acute Pain: Managing pain immediately

Even the most cautious, careful person will experience hundreds of instances of pain in their lifetime. A stubbed toe. A paper cut. Sore muscles after a strenuous workout. A bad sunburn. These are all examples of what is known as acute pain, an...