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Predicting and Preventing Acute-to-Chronic Pain: Research with Far-Reaching Effects

Usually, when an injury causes pain, the sensation is only temporary. You twist your ankle, it’s sore for a few days, then eventually the swelling goes down and you can walk normally again. But in some cases, that doesn’t happen, and an acute injury is only the...

Clinical Trials: A Way for Patients to Contribute to Pain Research

Clinical trials offer concrete mechanisms for individuals living with pain to contribute to the landscape of pain research — they're one of the most significant ways patients can play a role in creating hope for future pain relief. But what exactly are clinical...

How the NIH HEAL Initiative is addressing unmet needs of people with chronic pain

While chronic pain is a very individual problem, it also costs society at large so much: lost hours in productivity, wasted dollars on ineffective treatments, strain on the health care and insurance systems, and the collective impact on people living with pain in the...

Medically Complex? Tips to Prepare for an Emergency or Planned Hospitalization

I live with two incurable conditions that have led to many experiences in the hospital. Along the way, I have learned that, as a medically complex person, it is best to prepare for a planned or emergency hospital stay. I highly recommend taking time to create a...





The Impact of Pain in America

The Impact of Pain in America

The latest population health data findings from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) reiterate an often-overlooked fact: millions of Americans are living with daily pain. Almost 21% of the U.S. population—51.6 million adults—lives...

Learn How To Become An Effective Advocate This Fall

Learn How To Become An Effective Advocate This Fall

This October, U.S. Pain will be hosting its annual Virtual Advocacy Training Series to teach advocates how to use their voice to improve pain management for everyone who lives with chronic diseases or serious injuries in the United States. ...

Summer Camp Lets Kids Be Kids—With Pain

Summer Camp Lets Kids Be Kids—With Pain

Kids climbing the rock wall at Morgan’s Wonderland Camp in San Antonio, Texas, this June had knee braces, carefully applied kinesiology tape, forearm crutches, and other adaptive tools. Some of them used wheelchairs. They all live with chronic pain...

My Unexpected Solution for Peace of Mind

My Unexpected Solution for Peace of Mind

I love the moments in life that can be so peaceful, rewarding, interesting, and, at times, so unexpected. But, when things get tough, sometimes it’s hard to find that return of peace and wonder.  After experiencing a cardiac event during a...