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Advancing Research for Chronic Pain Act Introduced in House

The U.S. Pain Foundation released its 2022 Survey Report highlighting the public health crisis that is chronic pain.

Uninformed Comment in the ER Highlights Need for Self-Advocacy

What would you do if your refuge, a place where you went to be cared for, suddenly became a place where you were dismissed, gaslit, and made to feel worse than when you arrived? If you’re like me, you would choose to leave—but what if you couldn’t? Last year, I...

Winter Snowstorms Create Mobility Challenges

When I was growing up, excitement was in the air as a snowstorm approached. The wooden slat sleds were retrieved and waxed, as we anticipated the opportunity to slide down those hills. Plans were made on the design of the snowman we would create in the front yard. It...

Tips I Have Personally Found Helpful To Control Inflammation and Reduce Pain

No matter what painful condition you are living with, issues with inflammation can be common and, in turn, can add to your body’s pain level. Inflammation not only can cause fluid retention, but it also can bring on headaches, aching, brain fog, and even subluxations...