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52 families connect, explore, grow at 3rd Annual Pediatric Pain Warrior Family Summer Camp

This summer, children and teens living with chronic pain reached the top of a rock wall, traversed a ropes course, rode a zip line and a giant swing, went horseback riding and swimming, and shot hoops. They did so using wheelchairs, braces and splints, forearm...

My Story: Why I Am So Passionate About Alternative Pain Treatments

From Young, Healthy, and Active to Disabled In 1977, I was 25 years old and attending graduate school, working towards a master’s degree in social work. I was healthy and active, and I enjoyed bicycling long distances and hiking. I started running to get into better...

Adjusting to Life with Chronic Pain

My heart breaks when I meet a young person sharing that they are confronting life with chronic pain. At the age of 74, and living with two progressive and incurable conditions, I find it emotionally upsetting to think of the future they must learn to adjust to. I can...

Should I Consider Having A Service Dog?

Have you ever wondered about the advantages of having a service dog? If you are living with a difficult medical diagnosis, you might be interested in learning the many tasks a service dog, properly trained, is able to do to help improve the quality of your days. I...





Winter Snowstorms Create Mobility Challenges

Winter Snowstorms Create Mobility Challenges

When I was growing up, excitement was in the air as a snowstorm approached. The wooden slat sleds were retrieved and waxed, as we anticipated the opportunity to slide down those hills. Plans were made on the design of the snowman we would create in...