U.S. Pain is pleased to share two new online resources for people with pain. In addition to the new “Find a specialist” tool, which was shared last month, U.S. Pain’s website now also includes “Find a clinical trial” tool and “Living with pain,” an entire section devoted to information about chronic pain.

The “Find a clinical trial” tool is made possible through Antidote, a digital health company that provides objective information about clinical trial options. Through a series of questions, Antidote aims to match individuals with the best clinical trial for them. To check out “Find a clinical trial,” visit uspainfoundation.org/find-clinical-trial/.

The new “Living with pain” section of the website provides information in six categories: causes and diagnosis, treatment, self-management, comorbidities, research, and resources. It was created by people with pain and is written from a patient perspective. To see the new section, visit uspainfoundation.org/living-with-pain/.

“We encourage our community to explore these exciting new resources,” says Nicole Hemmenway, vice president of U.S. Pain Foundation. “Our goal is to empower people with pain to take an active role in their health.”