Two webinar recordings are currently available to watch from the comfort of home:

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“Getting the most out of PT: Secrets from a physical therapist”

On March 17, as part of the Pain Education Portal (PEP) Talk webinar series, U.S. Pain hosted a webinar to delve into unique therapies and techniques used by physical therapists for pain. Gina Gapstur, PT, demonstrated the techniques live–including dry needling, cupping, kinesiology taping, and more. She also answered questions from the audience. The event was sponsored thanks to the generosity of Thrive Tape. (NOTE: unfortunately, the webcam portion of this webinar is currently not working in the recording; we are working with GotoWebinar to find a solution.)

“Coping with COVID-19: Stress reduction and self-care strategies”

On March 19, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, U.S. Pain hosted an impromptu webinar to help individuals better cope with the stress of the crisis (whether related to physical health, finances, or otherwise). Gwenn Herman, LCSW, DCSW, Clinical Director of Pain Connection–U.S. Pain’s support group network–went over coping strategies and led a guided meditation. She also answered questions from the audience.