Pain Awareness Month 2022


The U.S. Pain Foundation seeks to raise awareness about the individual experiences facing 50 million Americans living with chronic pain during Pain Awareness Month.

The initiative, #LifeWithPain, will show the real-life impact and devastating burden of chronic pain on individuals. Each day, we will share a statistic from our A Chronic Pain Crisis Report on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, along with one article a week that focuses on different aspects of living with chronic pain. We will also host a two-part webinar event that brings together experts in the field of pain care to address the Patient/Provider Relationship Under Stress And How Do We Improve It? In addition, we have planned a month-long social media challenge encouraging the public to share their #LifeWithPain experiences.

On this page, you’ll find all the information you need to become involved this Pain Awareness Month about #LifeWithPain.


The landscape of therapeutics for chronic pain in 2022

The landscape of therapeutics for chronic pain in 2022

When the US Pain Foundation recently surveyed 2,378 individuals to better understand the public health crisis of chronic pain, 42% of the respondents said that their top policy issue is the want for new medications for chronic pain. But while there...

Understanding Life With Pain

Understanding Life With Pain

Research tells us that 50 million Americans live with chronic pain, or pain that lasts most days or every day for three months or more. Of this group, 20 million experience high-impact chronic pain, or pain that interferes with basic functioning...



There are MANY easy ways you can help create awareness about chronic pain this September, such as: 

      • Download our free Pain Awareness Month frame for your social media profile picture.
      • Like, comment, and share/retweet our daily posts on social media.
      • Use the hashtag, #LifeWithPain in all your social media posts in September
      • Read and share each weekly article.
      • Register and attend our two-part webinar event.
      • Join our social media challenge by posting a picture or going “Live” to share your #LifeWithPain!

An easy way to amplify support for a cause is through your social media profile picture. This September, join us in changing the frame around our profile pics to show who we are and what we face living a #LifeWithPain.

This September we hope #LifeWithPain goes viral. To do that, we need your help! Post a picture or reel using the hashtag, #LifeWithPain, in a visual way. We even created a downloadable card that you can print or copy (to create your own) to make it easy. Then, after you post, encourage your friends and family to do the same. 

We want to start a larger conversation about chronic pain and its true impact on individual lives. To do this, we are asking YOU to talk about who you are, what you have been through, how pain has impacted your life, what you hope changes, and more. We hope you will go “Live” on Instagram or Facebook to discuss your #LifeWithPain. To help do this, we have created template scripts around different topics. But you also can just talk freely!


A Chronic Pain Crisis report


      • In early-2022, the U.S. Pain Foundation conducted a nationwide survey. 2,278 individuals living with chronic pain responded. 
      • 71% of respondents living with chronic pain consider themselves disabled.
      • 99% of respondents say pain has restricted their ability to engage in routine activities, like exercise, household chores, sleeping, and socializing.
      • 52% of respondents report their average pain level is 7 or more on a scale of 1-10.
      • 43% of respondents in states where medical cannabis is illegal report they would try it if it were legalized.
      • Nearly one-quarter (24%) of respondents said NO SIDE EFFECT would prevent them from trying a medication to manage pain.
      • 73% of respondents with chronic pain found activity restriction to be the most helpful self-management technique.
      • 79% of respondents feel stigmatized because of chronic pain.
      • Only 42% of respondents say their current health care professional helps them understand different options for managing their pain.
      • 19% of respondents living with pain shared they are not seeing a health care professional to manage their pain. The reasons: 67% don’t feel supported by health care professionals, 28% say due to stigmatization, 23% lack of access near them.
      • 88% of respondents want providers to continue offering telehealth options.
      • Over two-thirds of respondents live with back pain (68%).
      • There are more than 150 types of headache diseases. Some of the types our community reported living with include… 36% headaches, 27% chronic migraine, 26% migraine, 9% cluster headache.
      • 35% of respondents reported that one or more of their conditions is the result of a trauma or illness.

*Statistics were pulled from U.S. Pain Foundation’s 2022 nationwide survey and its 2021 Pediatric Pain Report:


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Our 2022 Pain Awareness Month campaign is made possible through the contribution of our Corporate Council.

Thank you for supporting our efforts year-round to improve the lives of people living with chronic pain.

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