In honor of Pain Awareness Month, now through Friday, Sept. 20, at 11:59 PM PST, you can enter to win a Quell 2.0 pain relief device. Quell is wearable technology that uses prescription-strength nerve stimulation to help relieve chronic pain. It is up to ten times more powerful than a typical transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) device. It is worn on the lower leg, and controlled remotely by you through a smartphone app.

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The Zakim Bridge.

Buildings and landmarks across the country are lighting up in blue in honor of Pain Awareness Month as part of U.S. Pain’s “Shine Blue for Pain” initiative. Blue is the designated color for pain awareness.

“We are so grateful to all of the volunteers who helped reach out to these locations and request their participation,” says Nicole Hemmenway, Interim CEO of U.S. Pain Foundation. “Special thanks goes to our dedicated team member, Michele Rice, who coordinated everyone’s efforts and reached out to a number of landmarks.”

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On Tuesday, Sept. 17, U.S. Pain is hosting a candid conversation with Victoria Suan, director of the award-winning documentary film, Becoming Incurable.

Released earlier this year, Becoming Incurable explores the transformation of three individuals who became diagnosed with painful, chronic, incurable illnesses. Suan was inspired to create the movie after seeing the struggles faced by her cousin, Leo, who lives with severe dystonia.

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30 days. 30 stories.

In August, we put out the call for videos stories from our community. The stories we received were incredibly courageous, inspiring, and raw. The patients who shared about their experiences come from all walks of life. They were of all ages, all ethnicities, with all types of pain, from all across the country–and even around the world.

In honor of Pain Awareness Month and our campaign theme, #LetsTalkAboutPain, we’re sharing one video story each day.

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U.S. Pain Foundation is excited to announce that Thrive Tape is presenting sponsor for Pain Awareness Month 2019. Thrive Tape is introducing a new and innovative kinesiology tape that includes the benefits of far infrared. Kinesiology tape is elasticized tape that can help improve mobility and support joints, muscles, and tendons.

Unlike other kinesiology tapes, however, where proper taping technique is crucial, with Thrive Tape one only needs to apply the tape to the area of discomfort to receive the benefits. Thrive Tape is unique in that it includes a blend of minerals and ceramic powder, which are silkscreened onto the tape and reflect far infrared. (Far infrared is a form of light that cannot be seen, but is experienced by the body as radiant heat.) The tape is also latex-free and hypoallergenic, as well as sweat-resistant and waterproof. (To learn more about U.S. Pain Board Member Ellen Lenox Smith’s positive experience with the tape, click here.)

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Four days left!

At U.S. Pain Foundation, we deeply believe in the power of sharing patient stories. Talking about our experiences with pain helps us to educate others, to create change, and to offer hope. That’s why our theme for Pain Awareness Month 2019, which begins Sunday, is #LetsTalkAboutPain.

This year, we have dozens of opportunities for you to help bring pain to the forefront of public conversations, ranging from our daily storyathon to social media giveaways to weekly events.

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Middletown, Conn. (Aug. 27, 2019) – An estimated 50 million Americans live with some form of chronic pain. Pain is the leading cause of long-term disability, costs the United States up to $635 billion a year, and is the number one reason Americans visit the doctor. Yet there’s an incredible lack of awareness about pain as a public health issue.

“The only way we can create change is if we start speaking up–to loved ones, coworkers, neighbors, clinicians, and even policymakers,” says Nicole Hemmenway, Interim CEO of U.S. Pain Foundation, the leading national nonprofit for people with pain. “Pain is silent, but we don’t have to be.”

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Don’t be shy.

As part of our Pain Awareness Month Storyathon, we’re collecting 3-5 minute video stories from real people with pain, talking about their personal experiences–from how they were diagnosed to how pain affects their daily life. We’ll be selecting a handful of videos to share throughout September on social media.

Remember: talking about pain is the only way we can create understanding, awareness, and most importantly: change.

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