The U.S. Pain Foundation is excited to present the next event in its bimonthly webinar series, “From ow to om: Using mindfulness to reduce pain and stress,” featuring Gwenn Herman, LCSW, DCSW. Herman is the clinical director for U.S. Pain’s Pain Connection program, a network of support groups and other resources for people with pain.

During July’s webinar, to be held on the 17 from 1 to 2 pm EST, Herman will focus on using meditation and mindfulness to lower pain and stress levels. She will discuss the science behind mindfulness, different techniques, and lead attendees in a guided meditation. There is a great deal of scientific data to support the positive effects of mindfulness meditation for people suffering from chronic pain, and this free webinar is a rare opportunity to learn from someone who intimately understands these health issues.

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Grover during the webinar.

On May 15, U.S. Pain’s bimonthly webinar featured Jenni Grover, also known as ChronicBabe, who has dealt with fibromyalgia and other health issues for over 20 years. Through, she has helped thousands of women cope with their own chronic pain. (Grover is also an editorial consultant with U.S. Pain’s INvisible project and a longtime patient advocate.)

Her recent book, “Chronic Babe 101: How to Craft an Incredible Life Beyond Illness,” is a collection of resources about “how to kick butt despite chronic pain.” In the webinar she spoke specifically about a chapter on acceptance, part of the “grieving process” that is hard to get past when dealing with chronic health issues. Acceptance isn’t a loss or defeat, she explained, and viewing it as a war to be won means seeing your body as the enemy.

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Is chronic pain interfering with your confidence, emotional well-being, relationships, career? On May 15, U.S. Pain’s volunteer webinar will feature an exclusive Q&A session with entrepreneur, author, and advocate Jenni Grover about thriving despite the challenges of pain.

Grover is the founder of, a support network, coaching program, and blog, through which she draws on more than 15 years of experience with fibromyalgia and other conditions to teach others how to flourish despite health issues. Since 2005, she has taught thousands of women around the world to take charge of their lives through her website, videos, and speeches. She also recently published a book, “ChronicBabe 101: How to Craft an Incredible Life Beyond Illness,” which she will read a brief excerpt from.

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A March 20 webinar for members of the U.S. Pain community will feature Rachel Horcher, a licensed massage therapist, movement specialist and yoga instructor. This free webinar begins at 1 pm EST.

During her presentation, Horcher will discuss how massage can help with chronic pain, how to find the right massage therapist and best communicate with him or her, and the different types of massages. This webinar is suited to both individuals who haven’t tried massage before and those who have.

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This month’s webinar will feature departmental updates and an informational presentation, “How to effectively prevent and resolve insurance coverage issues,” with Demian Fontanella, JD, general counsel for the Connecticut Office of the Healthcare Advocate (OHA). The webinars are open to volunteers and those interested in volunteering.

Fontanella will discuss tips for dealing with insurance coverage denials and how to get the best outcome. He’ll also delve into ways to prevent denials in the first place and avoid surprise bills.

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As part of its annual “KNOWvember” educational campaign, U.S. Pain hosted five informational webinars around the theme,  “All Things Complementary,” focusing on complementary medicine options with a special emphasis on medical cannabis.

If you missed any of the webinars, the recordings can be found below.

  • Don’t Let Pain Limit You: Take Charge with Sound Data and Social Support with Rachel Trobman, CEO and founder of the Ouchie app, can be found here.
  • Pain Reduction through Grounding: An Exclusive Movie Showing by Laura Koniver, MD, holistic physician, and writer, can be found here.
  • Acupressure for Stress Relief: The Seva Stress Release Program with Regina Rosenthal, PT, advanced practitioner of process acupressure, can be found here.
  • How to Talk about Pain So your Doctor Will Listen with Diane Cleverly, PhD, founder of Concierge Conversations, can be found here.
  • Intersectional Medicine: Cannabis as a Complementary Option with Brandie Cross, PhD, founder and core facilitator of The Pot Lab, can be found here.

“As an organization that understands there is no one-size-fits-all to treat chronic conditions, it made sense to focus on varied modalities this year that have shown to help manage pain,” says Shaina Smith, director of State Advocacy and Alliance Development and KNOWvember campaign founder. “This educational program continues to grow, and once again, we witnessed a significant amount of participation from volunteers, allied organizations, caregivers, and others who welcomed the learning of new therapies. We are extremely grateful for the webinar presenters who took part in the empowering campaign and those pain warriors and caregivers who supported the KNOWvember initiative.”

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Cleverly specializes in medical communications.

U.S Pain’s next webinar for volunteers and members interested in volunteering will be held Nov. 21 at 1 pm, EST. The webinar will feature an informational presentation, “How to talk about pain so your doctor will listen,” given by Diane Cleverly, PhD. Cleverly has 20 years of medical communications experience and is the founder of Concierge Conversations, a coaching service that helps teach patients and providers how to better communicate with one another.

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During a Sept. 19 webinar for volunteers, Ellen Lenox Smith, co-director of U.S. Pain’s Medical Cannabis program and a leading national advocate for medical cannabis, presented on access to and advocacy for this promising treatment option.

Lenox Smith discussed included the benefits of cannabis, how to find out if you qualify in your state, and how to advocate for yourself if your state doesn’t have a program or the program is limited. If you missed the webinar, you can still watch the recording or download the presentation by clicking here.

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On Sept. 19 at 1 pm EST, U.S. Pain will host its bimonthly webinar open to all volunteers and members. The first portion of the webinar provides an update from U.S. Pain’s department heads. The second portion will feature a presentation by Ellen Lenox Smith, U.S. Pain’s co-director of Medical Cannabis: “Why I turned to medical cannabis: An overview of cannabis use and activism.”

“The presentation is great for anyone who is interested in trying medical cannabis, but doesn’t know where to start,” says Lenox Smith.

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On July 18, U.S. Pain Foundation hosted its first webinar specially designed for ambassadors and advocates.

The webinars will be held every two months on the third Tuesday of the month at 1 pm EST. Lasting about an hour, they feature updates from key staff followed by a presentation from an outside expert, with topics ranging from how to appeal an insurance denial to better communicating with your clinician.

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