The final online event in our Pain Awareness Month series will explore the ways in which patient advocacy–at both the state and federal levels–centers on sharing your personal pain story. The event will take place Wednesday, Sept. 25, from 11:30 AM – 12:30 pm EST.

U.S. Pain Interim CEO Nicole Hemmenway will moderate a panel discussion with Cindy Steinberg, U.S. Pain National Director of Policy and Advocacy, Shaina Smith, U.S. Pain Director of State Advocacy and Alliance Development, and special guest Rhode Island State Rep. Patricia Serpa.

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Getting to know our community

U.S. Pain is pleased to share the results of a July survey of its members. More than 2,000 individuals, representing all 50 states, responded.

“The goal of this survey was to learn a little more about the members of our community, so we can better tailor our programs to meet their needs,” says Interim CEO Nicole Hemmenway. “We are incredibly grateful to everyone who participated.”

An infographic with highlights from the survey can be downloaded here.

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Take Control of Your Pain: Boston is a little over one week away! Take Control of Your Pain events are free, daylong seminars for people with pain and their caregivers to hear from experts in pain management and connect with other pain warriors. The event, which is cohosted by U.S. Pain and the Academy of Integrative Pain Management in conjunction with the academy’s annual conference, will take place Nov. 10 from 10 am to 3:30 pm at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School.

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Each year, U.S. Pain engages in a month-long educational campaign aimed at providing helpful information and resources to people living with pain and their caregivers. To honor the young pain warriors who have had to find their new “normal” at an early age, U.S. Pain Foundation is dedicating this year’s KNOWvember campaign to pediatric pain warriors.

Through virtual offerings such as webinars, Twitter chats, and Facebook live events, along with daily facts, the pain community will be given the chance to engage with leading experts, nonprofit organizations, children with chronic illness, and others passionate advocates.

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U.S. Pain’s educational resource website, Learn About Your Pain, has begun an update to provide more comprehensive information and support. As part of that update, the website will include additional patient resources, including videos from experts in the field and from patients living with the condition. The website’s re-boot has been made possible with a grant from Germany-based pharmaceutical company, Grunenthal.

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Medical research is essential to advancing pain care. On Sept. 25, U.S. Pain members were treated to a webinar covering the ins and outs of medical research studies. The event, “Patient empowerment in clinical trials,” was presented by Lindsay Wahlstrom-Edwards, Director of Partnerships at Antidote, a digital health company that helps connect patients with clinical trial opportunities.

During her talk, Wahlstrom-Edwards explained the different types of clinical research and key terms, like “protocol” and “principal investigator.” She also talked about the importance of engagement. According to Wahlstrom-Edwards, approximately 80 percent of medical research is delayed or cancelled due to difficult enrolling participants.

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U.S. Pain Foundation seeks to educate its members about all possible forms of treatment. Buprenorphine is one pain medication that has recently made headlines as a safer alternative to traditional opioid medications. Because it is a partial opioid agonist, it alleviates pain with less risk of euphoria and physical dependence as well as a smaller chance of respiratory depression.

U.S. Pain recently collaborated with The Herald Group to conduct an educational survey on members’ experiences with buprenorphine. More than 800 individuals responded. Here are some of the key findings from that survey:

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Just in time for Pain Awareness Month, U.S. Pain Foundation is announcing the launch of a new blog.Called Remedy, the blog aims to provide people with the support they need to thrive despite chronic pain.

“While we offer an overview of U.S. Pain’s efforts in our newsletter and lots of educational information on our various websites, we saw a need for more timely content directly related to life with chronic pain,” says Emily Lemiska, Director of Communications. “We want to offer our community more tangible resources to improve their quality of life and more education to help inform their treatment decisions.”

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Dr. Abaci is one of this month’s presenters.

In honor of Pain Awareness Month, U.S. Pain is ramping up its online event offerings, with one event each week throughout the month of September. All of the events are free and open to the public. Some events require advance registration.

=&0=&. On Sept. 5 at 2 pm EST, U.S. Pain’s NIcole Hemmenway, Interim CEO, will host a 30-minute Facebook Live event in collaboration with The Mighty. Hemmenway, who is also author of the book “It’s not in my head: From wheelchair to marathon,” and Director of the INvisible Project, will talk about how she explains her pain to others and offer tips about sharing your pain story. Check The Mighty’s Facebook page for details=&2=& =&3=& Read More

While summer may seem like a chance for taking a break from advocacy, it’s actually the perfect time to schedule in-district meetings with representatives and senators and educate them on issues related to chronic pain.

“The schedules of elected officials are extremely demanding, sprinting from committee hearings to voting and back again,” says Shaina Smith, Director of State Advocacy and Alliance Development . “Now that they are back home, their daily agendas are more open to sit down and meet with their constituents, including U.S. Pain advocates. This is the time to educate  lawmakers and offer up ways they can support children and adults living with conditions that cause pain. Planting that seed as early as possible in the year will play a significant role once states are back in session and Congress is out of recess.”

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